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This video is all about our Europe trip. Do watch it & I hope you have got some tips for planning on to a trip to Europe. Each review is personally our own and not to hurt anyone’s feelings….


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  1. Hi mam … This is Asma … I'm a big fan of you i like you mam i like your videos also Actually i want to ask you something do you hind & one more question can i use parachute coconut oil for cooking …???

  2. Agree with you on Paris.. its such a dirty place and completly unsafe..we almost were tricked by a romanain girl..thank god a policewoman came just in knick of time and rescued us.. the illegal migrants frm africa and middle east has made the once beautiful city of Paris a trashbin..sorry to say

  3. Hi Shamsheera, thanks a lot for sharing such nice videos. I saw the video that you shared on Jan 9th 2018, it has a beef recipe, will really appreciate if you can share the full recpie, with all the details like quantity of beef, masalas, how long you cook the beef etc. I would really like to try it. Thanks a lot.

  4. The video was immensely informative. I admire your vlogs and find it engrossing all the times. Keep at it, always πŸ‘πŸ»

    Looking at your travel vlogs, I’m sure you had an awesome time traveling foreign. And, after all Paris is one of the dream destinations for many 🀩

    I’ve a quick doubt regarding the food you had, in the hotels you stayed. Did they provide a Halal friendly menu? And, did you find any Halal restaurants and masjid in the cities you’ve travelled?

  5. Wow ur channel has grown I remember just a couple months ago when I first started watching you had I think under 3 k subscribers- good for u – Congratulations πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  6. Dear Shamsheera ilike your vid im from morocco and planning to visit Barcelone and south of france this summer your impressions about paris are exact it s become a dirty city with lot of thiefs thank you for your tips because they are usefull exuse my english its not perfect .


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