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Amazing Attractions in Brazil

Brazil-Fernando de Noronha

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Brazil boasts of some of the amazing travel destinations across the world for tourists and holidaymakers. So, regardless of whether you are travelling for leisure or business in Brazil, you should consider visiting some Brazil’s amazing attractions.

Here are some of the top ten attractions and destinations in Brazil.

10. Rio-De-Janeiro – This popular city is home to about six million people called the cariocas. There are quite a number of historical attractions such as the Christ the Redeemer statue, Sugarloaf Mountain and the Copacabana Beach which are the most popular sites in and around the city. Millions of revelers crowd the streets during the carnival celebrations.

9. Amazon Rainforest – A visit to Brazil is actually not complete without making a visit to the Amazon rainforest which is a breathtaking site to see. The availability of numerous accommodations will enable you to explore the amazing wildlife and landscapes of the rainforest. In fact, pundits call them the best in the world. The pink dolphins and a wide variety of species of animals in this area cannot be found anywhere in the world. Moreover, you will get a chance to interact with natives when visiting the rainforest.

8. Brasilia – Brasilia is the capital city of the country, and was actually planned from the start. The plan was laid down in 1956 and the city was brought up in an amazing design on a desert land. The presidential palace among other fascinating constructions is a great sight.

7. San Paolo – If you are traveling in Brazil you should consider making a brief stop at San Paolo. The city has a thriving nightlife that never ceases.

6. Sao Luis – UNESCO declared it a world heritage. The beaches, shopping malls, culture and natives of this area are all fascinating. Sao Luis will enable you to view the beautiful and historic attractions of Brazil.

5. Salvador da Bahia – this is the perfect place for people who are visiting Brazil for romance. You will get a romantic getaway from the people of an African origin who know how to create such packages combined with amazing music and fragrances.

4. Recife – with a population of one and half a million people this is one of the largest cities in Brazil. It has a great tropical weather, fascinating history and beautiful beaches.

3. Olinda – This is a very beautiful travel destination located just a few kilometers from Recife. UNESCO also declared this area as a heritage Site due to the great historical attractions that it has including the old churches that date back several centuries.

2. Iguaçu Falls – The waterfall system is larger than any other falls in Brazil. The attraction is basically one of the most exciting places that you should visit in Brazil. The Devils Throat will offer you a chance to view the falls in a breathtaking way.

1. Fernando de Noronha – The tropical area in made up of twenty islands. There are numerous relaxing activities in this place that you may end up being spoilt for choice. Furthermore, it’s only a few hundred miles from the coastal region of Brazil.

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