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Hi guys! I had so much fun in Australia and I’m so excited to show you this Australia travel diary! This may be the longest vlog I have ever posted… so cheers! Also- Stay tuned for the Australia…


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  1. Jet lag literally is the worst! Is it still sandboarding if it doesn't have straps like a snowboard? That looks like sand sledding. I'm confused. The only sandboarding i've ever seen has straps and you stand.

  2. I'm from australia and always watch everyones travel diaries for bali, tahiti ect It is nice to see one from my country!!!! we take advantage on how beautiful it is haha

  3. Great video! If you ever find yourself back in Australia you should put Queensland on your list and come visit us at Frankland Islands! We think you would love a day out with us, which often includes swimming with Turtles! Keep up the great videos 🙂


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