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Had so much fun on this trip and I was super grateful to be able to be invited by United airlines and be apart of their newest nonstop route from Houston to Sydney. Houston is actually ranked…


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  1. I just love your videos! The way you edit and put clips together is so cooll. They are always solid. As a follower, I really appreciate the time and hard work you put into your content. Good luck with the apartment hunting!

  2. Omg the editing is amazing!! Your outfits were on point! Loved the outfit you wore to the zoo! So happy you and Andy got to experience Australia. Definitely one of the places I want to visit in the future too. My next destination I would love to see y'all go to is the Phillipines. Especially Bora Bora!!! πŸ˜„β€β€β€

  3. The quality, the editing, the content where do I even begin??! I love love love your channel and what its become. Honestly tho, I love seeing you travel the world. It's amazing. Gets me so hyped to live life!!

  4. 1) I was looking at related videos and missed the first 4 seconds and was like shit shit shit I missed so much lol
    2) So good to see you smiling!
    3) I can picture you dropping a makeup line and the first thing you drop would be an eyelash curler for Asian/small eyes
    4) I get low key mad when I get bean sprouts too. That’s one thing I don’t like to eat the most but I can take it if it’s cooked to where you can’t taste it’s fresh flavor. I got ramen to go the other day and I said no bean sprouts and they put no bamboo shoots. Like I feel personally attacked how you take out my fave and replace it with this lol I still ate it though.
    5) That pitaya bowl looks so good and I’m craving something like it. I’ve been collecting things to make a nice bowl and my boyfriend is finally down so I’m going to try to use a new Ninja. Fingers crossed!
    6) If you go to Houston and I have some time off I would definitely try to come through. Btw right now is Mardi Gras season in NOLA and today is the first parade day!

  5. Great πŸ‘ video but when you were at the airport there was someone talking in the background that was irritating 😠! The mic 🎀 was picking up his voice! Can barely hear πŸ‘‚ what you were saying at the airport!

  6. Try adding lemon essential oils into your water. It helps up your white blood cell count which strengthens your immune system. I don't know if it's in my head…but I swear I don't get sick as often anymore.

    Also, cool video!!! The shots you guys got were amazing!

  7. Girrrrrrrlllll this was like a mini movie. I love watching your vlogs! I'm also loving all your outfits! Definitely travel inspo for me because I always end up looking like a potato on vacation lol

  8. Hope you’re feeling better soon girl. Loving the new vlogs. The camera angles are so good! Thanks for sharing your travel experience. I seriously would love to start traveling in the near future, so it’s nice to see vlog experience.

  9. I have always loved your quality and the amount of work you put into these! AHHHH-MAZING! You inspire me to travel! Lol. Love you girl! Wish I was able to meet you when you still lived in the bay. 😭 XOXO


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