Travel somewhere new in 2018 – Daddy Troy reviews maybe the coolest travel crib ever. This piece of baby gear comes to us from Baby Bjorn, maker of some of the bes…

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  1. Nice Crib…However, with that said, a little harder then it looks to put back in travel bag. Tends to stick up and you have to adjust the legs ariund a bit….was a little irritating at first, because it looked so easy. But that is not a deal breaker at all…just be ready for it to be a bit hard at first – untill you learn to do it better.

  2. wow, great product.. i love that i might be able to use it for years with my baby, unlike the one i had which only served me till my baby was 6 months old.
    But it’s too pricey, almost as much as the crib i already have, thats the only reason i will keep looking.

  3. One note: we shot this video before BB came on as a sponsor. One of the reasons we knew they would be a good sponsor for us was that we loved their products. I stand by the review as independent. All sponsored videos are clearly stated as such. But thanks for keeping us honest!


    DadLabs is sponsored by Baby Bjorn. This IS NOT an independent review. I’m not saying this isn’t a good product, I don’t know. But shame on DadLabs for the shameless advertising dressed up as an unbiased review.

    I don’t have this crib, but I think I’m going to order one (at which point I’ll come back and offer my opinion).

  5. It looks like it’s about half the height of a regular Graco pack n play. My 3 year old slept in the Graco….He would definitely get out of this one. Otherwise a great looking crib.

  6. This beats any other portable crib on the market. It is worth every penny and is far superior to any other portable crib, particularly if you are going to travel via airplane.


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