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HE’S BAAAACK! I finally get a Sat AM where I can hustle! Feels good to be back and do some hustling. Check out the latest ride along! LIKE, COMMENT , and SUB…

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  1. Thanks for all the tips! Love your videos! I had a quick question though? Do you have a method for cutting through all the weedy products, so to speak? I always find myself being enticed in too many things, and not really knowing what will be most profitable for resale.

  2. Mistaa Hustler, thanks for the video. Hey, can you make one on where and how you sell this stuff? And maybe your markup thoughts?

  3. Thank you for the offer bro if I am ever in town ill give you a call. I do a lot of buying of Craigslist it is called Gumtree over in Ireland. Easy money on that site.

  4. thanks for the heads up – cords with nintendo written on them I know have good resale. I swing all day 1.00 and below

  5. good to be back – man that day I had to take a bonafide power nap . I still had a good day though. I need to get more sleep on weekends

  6. last double bob I flipped I got for 35 bux and sold for 250 I believe. Those are rare ! I like to clean mine w a hose or pressure washer


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