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A trip of a lifetime, 3 months traveling around South East Asia! This short video is a summary of our trip to South East Asia. We started in Bangkok and moved to the temples of Angkor in Cambodia,…


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  1. de mochileros fueron? entiendo lo de backpacking pero veo hoteles y no hostales, disculpen que pregunten es que quiero hacer algo parecido aunque solo Tailandia y Camboya y quisiera un estimado en precios

  2. hi. just wondering if you had a itinery for everything you did? this video is literally everything i want to do when i go to thailand tomorrow. I am going as a solo traveller though and its my first time so have the standard nerves!

  3. i don't know..
    for me it looks like the stereotype of a typical SEA Backpacker..
    bloody party streets, riding elephants.. Even the damn infinity Pool. One Instagram cliché after another.

    Nope, sorry


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