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Can I buy travel insurance after the flight?

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Question by : Can I buy travel insurance after the flight?
SO Im leaving for Europe Jun 19 – 13 August
My friends dad bought the tickets with his delta skymiles card, he bought it 3 weeeks ago. Now i am really thinking of buying insurance because I need to extend my flight date. Apparently cancelation is really expensive. Can I buy the travel insurance now? Apparently its $ 27 thats alot less than hundreds! Help!!!!

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Answer by Liam..
You can buy it anytime up to when you leave! Earlier is better though, as you never know what may happen after you have booked.

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  • Travel insurance covers cancellation of flights by airlines, or other problems that are out if your control. And, it usually only covers you from the day you begin your trip, not before.

    It does not cover changes that you chose to make to your flight bookngs. You’ll just have to pay the extra costs.