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Disney World Family Video 2

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This is a video trip report from our November 2011 trip to Disney World. Hope you enjoy!

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  • I have to say were planning my sons 1st trip to Disney and he will be 4 when we arrive. I couldn’t find any other way to show him what Disney is all about so I went to You Tube. We found your 1st video and now we found your 2nd one. I have to say I enjoyed every moment of watching it. To be honest I was emotional cause were going to give our son the same exp. THANK YOU FOR YOUR VIDEO IT HAS INSPIRED OUR TRIP!!!

  • Hiya…. Just watched all three videos and showed them off to a few other nurses at work. They all agree, your videos are great watching! We are planning an adult trip and are unable to contain ourselves, silly really, but true. Disney isn’t just for kids, as ours are a little older and it is now more difficult to take them out of school. Will miss them but I will have a great time reconnecting with the wife. A long date night for us
    Thanks for sharing your videos. You did a great job!

  • All the songs, for those curious!

    Sooner or Later – Mat Kearney
    Price Tag – Jessie J
    Money – Pink Floyd
    Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO
    Hello – Marin Solveig & Dragonette
    Stay the Night – James Blunt
    Hey Mama – Mat Kearney
    Waiting is the Hardest Part
    New Shoes – Paolo Nutini
    #1Nite – Cobra Starship
    Around Us – Jonsi

  • I have to stop watching these videos. got a long 2 days ahead of me. hollywood studios, early lunch, then airport. next day back to school (college). not ready to go back yet (it’s going to be freezing). ;(

  • Your videos are amazing ! Your family,and your love for Disney !i watch your videos with my husband and my daughter all the time y’all are fab keep them coming :)have a magical day!

  • This is why I’m applying to the Disney College program every year I possibly can. I want to make kids like these and parents so happy! 🙂

  • Wow! thanks for breaking it down, what you all spent. I think this makes it easier for us to make a decision. We are going on a Disney Cruise! What you all spent was just a little more than a 7 night Disney cruise. And around fall every year, Disney advertises kids go free. So yes, I think you all made up our minds..thanks a bunch 🙂

  • daughter and I love your videos.
    FYI: Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand and means ‘land of the long white cloud.’ I think you son pronounced it the best, and not the Disney employee.

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