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EUROPA-PARK ON-SITE HOTEL REVIEWS – Rust, Germany – Leonard Does Europe S1 E34

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Here’s a short review of two hotels on Europa-Park property: Castillo Alcazar, and El Andaluz. If you’re going to stay at one of these, Castillo Alcazar is definitely the better of the two,…


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  • hot damn Leonard! i swear all vaca wifi is awful everywhere!
    i got back from San Diego yesterday. i could not get either if my gfs kids to get excited for Legoland….so we didnt go. sigh……or go see Batman/Superman yet, sigh.
    hahaha. my favorite rooms are the most unusual and wacky. you got one…..hahaha! poor Leonard had to watch agerman babes walk by his window all day!!
    🙁 haha

  • I guess they hate you. I'm not sure if this is a Europe thing, but go anywhere in Central and South America and you'll see hard floors everywhere. Maybe rich people will have area rugs. Wall to wall carpet is very rare. The hard floors are easier to clean and will last much longer than carpet. After having been to Mexico and Ecuador in the past, pretty sure I was excited to return to the carpeted USA!

  • RANDOM THINKING : Okay the foods okay the rates are okay and your room was descent but you left out the most important content to any hotel stay WAS THERE A MINI BAR!!!!!!…. OH and you need to step up your game, I thought the cows were a high point in your journeys but you need Bikes, Slides and Neosporin like Adam. (and he did that sober, Imagine if he drank)

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