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Funcargo consumer review?

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Question by Khánh Ngọc: Funcargo consumer review?
Hi guys,
I’m looking for a car. It would be my first car. I’m after the Toyota Funcargo. Mostly, the odometer is about 1270cc. Is it suitable for long-distance travelling (of course, I don’t do it every single day but want to use it to travel in summer holidays.)
Please help me to know more about the up and down sides of the car which include the driving technique, engine, maintenance, vision, driving in bad weather and so on.
Thanks a bunch.
Please note that I’m a girl. Hope it doesn’t affect the safety of driving.

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Answer by Jack
I would read up on some consumer reviews of people who drive those types of cars and then making an educated decision based on what people have said. Consupo might have some consumer reviews on it.

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