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Question by J.K R: Honeymoon Travel Insurance?
One of my friends recently found herself stranded due to a bankrupt cruise company, and she told me the only thing about the experience that wasn’t infuriating was the fact that she had taken out a honeymoon travel insurance policy beforehand and was getting her money back. Her experience has me coming up with all kinds of honeymoon worst-case scenarios, and now I definitely want a policy of my own! What should my fiance and I be looking for in a travel insurance policy?

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Answer by Mr Natural
These days I always buy travel insurance, esp given the multitude of reasons flights are canceled including volcanic ash. Google travel insurance for the full benefits available, but to me the main one is the one your friend benefited from, full refund on canceled flights or cruises. Just be sure those are both covered. Hope this helps and congratulations on your wedding!

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