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Hotel Pennsylvania Manhattan New York Review

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Hotel Penn is perfectly located on 33rd & 7th Ave in the centre of Mid Town New York opposite the world famous Madison Square Garden. This hotel puts you right in the heart of Manhattan! This…


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  • Se qui me fait rire de cette hôtel, s'est qu'on dirait qu'ils ont tout mis sur le rez de chausser et rien dans sur les étages au dessus, je sais que cet hôtel a déjà été très bien coté dans le temps, mais aujourd'hui, il faut pas être regardant sur les chambre mais au moins les chambres sont pas chère du moins pour un hôtels dans le centre de NYC

  • This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. Yes, the location is good, but this hotel is a pit. I stayed there recently. My room was so bad that I almost started crying when I walked into it. It looked like some place a heroin addict would go to die. It took me about 45 minutes just to check in. There was this long line in the lobby of people waiting to check in and only one person at the front desk to check people in. It will also take you forever to check out, because everyone will be checking out at the same time and when the elevator stops on your floor it will be jam-packed. You will wait forever for an elevator that has space for you and your bags. They charge you an extra $30 a day for things that you will never use. One is there wi-fi, another is access to the gym down the street, and allegedly you get a continental breakfast but when I asked the person at the front desk about this he told me that I had he had no idea what I was talking about. No one should stay at this hotel. For the same price there are much better hotels just a 1-minute walk away from this Hotel Pennsylvania. I assume that whoever made this video got paid by the hotel to say good things about it.

  • Thank you so much for this review this location is great for the price. The hotel doesn't look appealing at all but we aren't going to be in the hotel room 90% of the time we are in NYC so this is really saving us money.

  • The only accurate statement in the video is the fact that the hotel has a great location.  However, it is probably the worst rated major hotel in Manhattan.  On TripAdvisor the hotel has over 2700 "terrible" reviews.  The most frequent complaints are of  are dirty rooms and baths, horrible/non-existent customer service, and lack of security.   

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