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Hotel Review : Sheraton Beach Resort Langkawi,!!?

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Question by MissChievous: Hotel Review : Sheraton Beach Resort Langkawi,!!?
Hey guys..i know that i shouldnt have asking this since i’m a hotelier but i need the latest review for this hotel. I will be staying in this hotel in May, a week before the school holidays starts, Questions are:-

1) How good are the sea-facing on the hill/sea-facing on the beach rooms? Are they worth staying and value for money?

2) How are the facilities there?..i.e swimming pool, dining, entertainment, nearby attraction and etc…

3) How was the service? greeting, politeness, helpful or friendly..or non at all?

4) Are the rooms scattered too far away from the lobby and the resort’s facilities?

5) what are your recommendation?..any tips to share?

Really appreciates your response..please do star on this Q and share it among your network so that i can get more reviews about this hotel..

Thank you and regards!! 😀
ehehehehe…yeah, right!..thats so funny laa..i’m definitely gonna belanja you kfc…lol..

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Answer by Prince Bean
I’m not really sure about that hotel, but I’ve heard that the hotel resort below is fantastic:

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  • i stayed there last year and enjoyed it so much and m thinking of going there again in july – value for money.

    the sea facing room was fantastic with good view if you are at the front row. although they sprawl along the beach, they are all clustered quite close to the lobby (the area is not that big).the swimming pool was good but a bit small if it gets too crowded but who need the swimming pool when you have a stretch of beach to swim in.
    i was satisfied with the friendly service and prompt attention by the staff.
    i got a very good room which was well decorated and maintained. it was spacious and clean too.
    however, the location is a bit secluded, away from town so transport can be a problem and expensive. i would recommend you hire a car from the airport so it would be easier for you to move around the island.

  • Yo myra. u are asking to detailed. haha..
    i’m not sure i can answer all of the Q. but i try based on my local experience.

    1- i can say its worth the money.. privacy & excellent view.

    2- facilities are excellent.. but its quite far from chenang beach.. its near to telaga harbour & cable car..

    3- most of the reviews in travel advisor is great

    4- yeah.. the rooms or chalet actually scattered around the hotel. some times u need to travel by hotel cart just to walk around.. especially when checking in.. but that makes it unique in a way.

    5- just stay there.. quite a nice place to stay actually..
    bring along fishing rod..