Question by NickJr: How to move pictures from Memory Stick to Travel Drive?
Is there any device through which I can transfer pictures from my camera’s Memory Stick to my Travel Drive (pen drive) without using a computer? During travel or vacation, when my memory stick gets full, I want to use my pen drive (which has got bigger memory than the memory stick I have). It is not always possible to carry a laptop just for this purpose. Is there any smaller device to do this? Thanks!

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Answer by dayat75
while there might a device specifically for this, maybe the least expensive way is to head for a digital photo store & use their equip to do the transfer… unless if you travel in a remote area…

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  1. Check out Delkin USB Bridge (~$ 50). It connects your cameras to a storage devices, (Pen Driver) directly via USB. (no PC needed)

    There are some other options check out, cnet at

    Personally I would just get a 2nd Memory stick, it is much smaller to carry. No need to transfer files on your trip. You can pick up a 2GB Memory Stick Duo Pro for under a $ 100.


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