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Hotel Villa Fontaine, Shiodome, Tokyo, Japan

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A review of the Hotel Villa Fontaine in the Shiodome area of Tokyo.


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  • Thanks for the review. I stayed in two neighboring hotels in that neighborhood ( Park hotel and Royal Shiodome tower ), planning to stay in this one next since the price if half and Japanese 3 stars is western 4 starts.

    I always loved how clean the trains and train tracks are, no nasty graffiti

  • Great Video and Review! … Hotel VF is a good one, not expensive. I've been in the VF in the Otemachi area near the Imperial Palace, 15min walk from Tokyo Station or right on Kanda Station. Also been in the VF Osaka, Shinsaibashi area, this one is very well located right aside the Shinsaibashi Shotengai ( Shopping Street ). The morning breakfast is simple, but not bad at all. Plus it is complimentary, so … been in those 2 hotels in 2008.

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