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Question by Flora: How to get Fanfiction reviews??
I am new to fanfiction and am in the process of writing my first story. I am on chapter 17, but only have 30 reviews when i’ve seen people on chapter 5 with 30. What can I do to get more reviews? Please check it out.

Best answer:

Answer by C-Rose
Write good stuff, basically, and choose the right fandom to write for. Some fandoms are really big (Harry Potter) and others are smaller (like Disney). In fandoms with a large enough number of readers, but still small enough to allow to allow your story to remain of the front page for at least a day or two, those are the fandoms it’s easiest to get attain reviews in.

And as I said before, quality is the thing. It’s your first story, so you’re probably still rusty. I read the first few sections of your story, and I’d like to bring your attention to a few warning signs as a good little novel critic.

The first thing we find out about your character is that she is melodramatic, as by how she voices her anguish at the very beginning. The choice of words; whilst, endure and to some extent; torment. These words are in no way wrongly used, by they are (I’m presuming) used by a younger character, and don’t exactly fit the image of the inner monologue of a distressed youngster.

I probably should mention that your summary has a spelling error, and that your wording is a bit off every now and then. I don’t even read stories that have messed up their summaries, as i assume that if the author can’t even formulate o good summary, how on Earth could they write a decent story? Please know that I’m not the only one who thinks like this.

Also, the girl seems somewhat Mary Sue-ish. One should not refer to oneself as a “cherished jewel”. It only serves to make you sound like a woman too high on her horse. As sad at it is, females, who make out a great proportion of the fanfiction society, have a hard time agreeing with women like that. Standing up to a superior and breaking havoc as soon as the chance arrives, that’s all good and well in real life. But the really good stories brings out a characters weaknesses as well as strenghts. That doesn’t mean that you should rabble on about them, just keep them balanced.

By reviewing other stories, preferably shorter ones with lesser reviews, that way you stand out more, you get other authors to notice you. I also make sure to respond to the reviews I get, that makes the reviewers feel that you value their opinion (which you should). It makes them reevaluate their own thoughts, and they are only happy to share their new ideas with you.

You could also try to make yourself known in the community, express your thoughts and feelings on certain elements of the original characters/stories in the forums; people might be agree with you and thus come to the conclusion that you write things they’d like to read. Just try not to piss people off, and don’t just pop in to ask for reviews, people hate that.

And don’t force people to review in order to get another chapter. That only annoys them.

Hope this help you! Good luck with your writings.

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