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Iceland The Land of Fire and Ice a moonlike Magnificent Landscape

iceland blue lagoon-pixabay

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Our trip to Iceland was conducted during the 2014 winter months of early March. Rather an extreme hell go to countries near the North Pole in times of winter, what it was like trying ?!
First stop, Keflavik – Golden Circle

Directly to the Blue Lagoon, which is located not far from the airport. It’s amazing huge bath; the water is such a unique color like blue milk, and we are free to use mineral mud mask that will create youthful skin. Already satisfied relaxation in this bath we continue the journey to the Golden circle, and we were stunned natural beauty, a volcanic mountain is scattered with snow covered most. We arrived at the Golden Circle Apartment an inn that is unique with a view of the lake – the mountains are extraordinarily beautiful and preparing to see the famous Aurora Borealis tonight. Really can’t wait, but tonight we’re out of luck the Aurora Borealis do not appear, so we continue sleeping this evening.
iceland blue lagoon-pixabay
We rushed about 10 am towards Þingvellir; Þingvellir national park is a Unesco cultural heritage that was once used as the first parliament in Iceland. There is Silfra Lake, which popular tourist lake because there is a slab that separates the American continent and Europe. We proceed to Strokkur, a quiet area of Golden Circle. Strokkur is a fountain geyser eruption geothermal his mouth appears every 4-8 minutes with a height of 15-20 meters even up to 40 meters depending geothermal pressure at that time. Amazing!

Following from our Strokkur towards Gullfoss is one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland. Seeing the beauty of Gullfoss; it’s magnificent, high winds and dramatic water. We continue our journey towards the end of this day to Vik, a small town on the southern coast of Iceland and stay at Guesthouse.

Ended with Vik – Skalafell
Rushed to Jokulsarlon, mostly our breakfast made by buying stock in the Bonus supermarket. During the trip from Vik to Jokulsarlon, we always spoiled the amazing view. We arrived at Jokulsarlon Cafe at 2 pm Tour which we follow at the time it was Ice Cave tour (12,900 ISK), Ice cave tour is a tour to see the magic of an ice cave that is only there during Winter and every year it is. Lucky us we could see it. Usually, this cave began to form in October and melts in April.

The sun was setting, and we rushed to the hotel tonight in the Skalafell Guesthouse, and again this guesthouse offers an experience that was so impressive that so amazing scenery with the volcanic mountain backdrop. Here is also provided Buffet dinner with typical Icelandic Arctic Char in smoke and marinated lamb meat that tastes amazingly tasty. In the evening we intend to hunt Aurora because based on info from a friend next room that usually arise 11:00 PM.

Around 10:30 pm rushed out of the chamber to watch the “show” Aurora! Lucky me, the camera equipment is ready. When viewing the Aurora Borealis dancing above the clouds, compassion mixed with mystical because of the atmosphere that night was pitch black. But over time the thick cloud went up and shut this Aurora but not why I have been very grateful to see the Aurora with her own eyes.

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