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During an interview with KMOV of St. Louis, President Obama gets questioned on taking so many vacations at tax payer expense (April 12, 2012).
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  1. NO! most folks DON’T understand how Hard you work. Hello! people are really suffering out there, including myself. Had to get an Access card last month, never had to do THAT before. A little easier (not much though) to worry about the bills now that I don’t have to worry about where am I going to find the money to eat. Anybody else out there suffering under this disaster of a Leader?

  2. Why is Obama and his family spending 1.4 Billion of our tax dollars every year Obama is in office on their personal clothes and vacation costs plus $100,000 just on their mutt? There are so many people who need jobs, our economy is faltering, Detroit is facing bankruptcy. Obama is acting like King Obama. Children are going to bed hungry at night and Michelle Obama is eatting lobster every night at the White House. Impeach these carpet baggers& free loaders out of office!

  3. And you believe the liberal media’s selective choosing when it comes to tidbits of data like that. This point? Really so Bush was on vacation for 1/5 of his presidency. Maybe its b/c they counted camp david as vacation. He didnt have a family to go vacation with, his daughter was grown. I’m sure any time he wasnt at the white house was counted as vacation. your an idiot

  4. Yea thats right most americans think your doing a swell job. Raising a family? Thats right & perhaps it can be said how shitty of a father you are for running for president while you have 2 young daughters. I mean age 0-18 is all you really asked to put in as parents. Now 8 of those years you’ll be basically absent, or perhaps not you’ll go on vacation whenever the hell you want

  5. Obama has taken 62 vacation days in his first 31 months in office, George Bush took 160 vacation days in his first 31 months in office.

  6. most folks understand? not this folk. i haven’t been on vacation for 2 years. obomba – you are a fraud and that is becoming more and more obvious every day.

  7. What a week. It’s not every day Obama makes a fool of himself…oh wait–it IS everyday. Enjoy your lavish, taxpayer funded vacation, loser.

  8. Yeah I’m sure you never do that, except always. People just don’t call you out on it, but it is pretty pathetic to go about claiming all the vids you saw me comment on in my feed. Speaking of which it’s funny to call me childish when you’re doing shit like: **SHRUGS**
    What are you an 8 year old girl in an aol chatroom? It’s almost too easy to make fun of you.

  9. Ya even with all this bullshit it’s still ten times better than Bush. Plus all the inbred racists cry about how they don’t have a real president, just one from Kenya. Just makes it all the sweeter for us. G’day loser.

  10. I don’t normally view other people’s pages but your comment sounded childish and misinformed so yeah, I had a look. I guess a part of me wanted to show what kind of person would say such an idiotic thing. *shrugs* It’s his shit on your face while you are laughing at others about it.

  11. So you’re one of those people that check what the person’s page is before you reply to a comment? Yeah that’s as far as a loser as it gets. I could check your page to see what kind of video traffic you have as well, but i’m not as pathetic as you. Probably take a stab at it and say you are a tinfoil wearing alex jones loving pothead who thinks the black helicopters are gonna come take his guns away. You call me an idiot but you look twice as bad than I do now, mr. spy on ppl’s activity.

  12. You obviously are a child who enjoys anime and video games. The only other in depth comment you wrote was on the Big Brother show. So you don’t really have much room to title anyone an idiot, past yourself. Regardless if it’s Bush or Obama, the money spent is coming out of the taxes you will pay when you get a job. Think about that while you are jumping in place, laughing and pointing at the Republican half of the same party. So laugh it up. You look stupid with his shit on your face.

  13. obama is no better than bush get over it we all know how terrible bush was. Obama may not have started some of the shit bush did but he sure as hell didn’t do anything to reverse it.

  14. its so funny to see all you idiots hating on Pres. Obama for taking vacations when bush’s whole presidency was a vacation, except for when he was starting a war with the wrong country based on lies about wmd’s. im glad he’s using the money to go on vacation, just another way to rub your faces in your losing streak, it’ll be even better when Hilary wins in 2016, republicans are fucked and im enjoying every minute of it

  15. the opulent hobama’s are shameless!

    hobama is a racist bankster!

    cc africom

    cc hobama’s bio dad frank m davis

  16. “The American People know how hard he works”….THAT comment alone PROVES he’s living in a narcissistic bubble. He has NO idea what the American People are thinking nor the pain they’re going through because he simply
    doesn’t he care!Tyrants, which is what he is, face it folks, don’t care about anything but retaining their power, living in luxury and making it bad for the common man.


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