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  1. It's just just something people say, 'Londons most expensive / luxurious hotel', quite often the rich will stay in the most expensive rooms, simply because of the price, regardless of its features, it's a statement thing!

  2. It's nice. Not uptight and stupid like in Singapore. In Singapore, you don't know what the hell they are trying to do. The staff seem like they are too impressed with their own hotels.

  3. It seems okay … honestly in the U.S you can find better hotels for 1/5 the price (the room in this video goes for 1800 GDP aka 2500 USD a night). I can think of a few hotels in the U.S that ran 300 USD a night that looked more appealing.

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  5. I must say, on the out side its a very impressive place,-like Imperial, but on the in side hm……. it feels like a apt building on some ave in Manhattan NY , lux – yes but not the LUX, it has that sad fell to it, in compare this to that Pace-hotel in Venice.

  6. I've stayed at this hotel before. The level of hospitality has been superb, and the decor somehow makes you feel at home. The Scarfes Bar is amazing, and I loved it. However, I honestly find this place to be quite haunting, and it somehow makes me feel like the white girl in the horror movie.


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