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Let’s get wet in Songkran Festival

songkran festival

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You will never run out of reasons to visit Thailand, especially when it is time of the year for the Songkran Festival.

Imagine yourself, in the middle of the main road, on a hot sunny day, surrounded by thousands of people happily throwing buckets of cold water to each other, even to strangers! Sounds fun, eh?

Yep. Songkran Festival is one of the most favorite events not only for the people of Thailand themselves but also for the world travelers. People come from around the globe just to get wet in this festival.

It is an annual festival held just before Thailand’s New Year, on 13-15 April, in all over the country. If you happen to be in Bangkok, find Khao San Road area, well known as the tourist village of Bangkok, this is where the center of Songkran will be.

Songkran holds a significant meaning to Thai people.

Originated from the Sanskrit language meaning, “pass through,” Songkran describes the movement of the sun as it passes through the constellations. Moreover, when the sun finally gets closer to the constellation of Aries, which is the time of Songkran.

During the three days festival, Thai people will visit the temples to wash the statue of Buddha with flower-soaked water as a form of gratitude, and along with their families, they also come to pray, share the happiness and make good wishes for the year ahead.

songkran festival

As for the tourist, enjoy a bunch of exciting things to see and do in the temples and the surrounding area, from culinary bazaar to traditional dances and all.

Songkran in Chiang Mai

Still not satisfied, yet?
If you have a longer time to spend for Songkran Festival, grab your luggage and go to Chiang Mai, a city north of Thailand.

Here, the festival lasts for the whole week! Moreover, the other things you will find here that you will not find anywhere else are the elephants. Yes, real, alive, and kicking elephants, spraying water to everyone including you. What are you waiting?

So, get your calendar, mark the date for next April, book your flights, and voila! Enjoy the Songkran Festival of Thailand.

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