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Consumer Reports’ tests mattresses for durability, support and comfort. This guide will help you choose among innerspring, memory foam, hybrid and even organic mattresses. Check out http://www.C…


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  • Whoever goes for the green ones is being probably doing so out of being an ignorant idiot. No proper mattress manufacturer would allow you to get exposed to DAAANGEROUUUUS 'chemicals'. People should brain up and stop fearing 'chemicals' so much.

  • I subscribe to CR and even after reading all the information on mattresses, for 2018, I am still totally confused and adrift. On top of that, there are a lot of negative reviews on the CR website for specific mattress "recommendations" and even the best buys. I've also done extensive searches on Google and it is mind boggling. I feel like I know less about mattresses than I did when I started. Westin and Hilton hotels sell their proprietary mattresses by the way, so I am leaning in that direction. Good luck to everyone….you will need it!

  • Do not look at CR online report. They only reviews are for people who aren't concerned about money. Reviews for the average person who has less than $800 to spend would be great, but not a concern for CR. Also, the top mattresses recommended, who the hell ever heard of these brands?!?!?

  • I visited three different Mattress Firm locations (they are everywhere) and was given three different sets of answers to my questions by the sales people.    On my third trip, I had decided to buy and walked in stating I wanted a medium firm traditional innerspring recommended by Consumer Reports.  However,  because I was really tired that day and had been looking at mattresses for so long, I foolishly allowed the salesperson to talk me into a plush hybrid instead.  My last mattress was a Serta Perfect Sleeper and was wonderful and lasted for 10 years,  but the Serta iSeries Hybrid 300 is a PIECE OF GARBAGE!  What the sales people don't tell you is that it gets softer and less supportive the longer you lay on it. So 15 minutes on it in the showroom is not reflective of what your experience at home will be an hour into your night's sleep. You sink further and further into it while it gets hotter and hotter and the sides rise up around you.  No support whatsoever for a side sleeper!  I spent $1,100 and now have extreme lower back pain I never had before. Be sure to do your due diligence when searching for a mattress same as you would for a car and do not listen to the pretty words on a webpage or the off the cuff statements of a salesperson. The mattress trade is a racket designed to be deliberately deceptive.

  • So happy to have budget options out there !! Honestly i used to think that the portable projectors were too expensive. I havent try all the models that were reviewed but i can recomend the Goobang doo T22 too!! Really great life for a lens in the price range!

  • I got a highly rated FIRM memory foam mattress through Walmart online. It's a hard thing to describe. It is firm as it puts a lot of pressure on my shoulder and hip when I sleep on my side. But, it is difficult to roll around on the mattress because you sink so far into it. And it hurts my back when I lay on my stomach. It must be bending me more than I think. Getting OUT of bed is really tough. I've got to swing my legs to develop momentum in order to sit upright on the edge. I think I'll go back to the old fashioned coil spring mattresses. I'll probably have the same pressure on my shoulders and hips but at least I should be able to roll out of bed without too much difficulty.

  • bring your own pillow??? to the store" and put it on the bed other people will be testing? are you NOT aware of the bedbug epidemic in this country? If I ever knew a store allowed people to bring pillows from home, I'd walk out, this should never be allowed.

  • The wife and I were our mattress shopping today and laid on a lot of impressive beds ranging from 1200 to 5200 dollars. Not sure as to what we are going to get as we are also wrangling shopping for bedroom furniture at the same time (not recommended too many variables). We are still undecided as to what mattress we are going to get but I will tell you it won’t be a Sleep Number. We were not impressed with anything that bed system had to offer other than the heated foot area.

  • I'm on a foam mattress rite now but it has sucken down so much it uncomfortable now I think I want a spring mattress again they are really comfortable now days.

  • I slept on hundreds of different beds throughout the years in hotels, ( very high-end ones too) but NOTHING comes close to my Tempur-Pedic "Cloud supreme" no bulshit!! spend the money and don't worry about another bed for 20 years… you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping. invest in it! $700 does not cut it!! Imo of course

  • It seems like mattress sellers and manufacturers are scamming the great public by offering garbage
    Why do I HAVE to look for a good mattress and take a chance of paying hundreds of dollars, finding out soon that I have been scammed?

  • No mention of the importance of how tight the springs are, which I think is the problem with mine. I sent the mattress back to the factory as I sank into it too much. They changed the comfort layer for a firmer foam; now I still sink down but in addition get sore hips!

  • Best sleep I ever had was on a medium dampened waterbed. It's a warm blanket in the winter, heat sink in the summer, and potentially an emergency fire hydrant.

  • we should just buy a Tranquility Tank. They usually retail around $20,000, but The Body will be suspended in warm salt water and all lights and sounds will be shielded so that all the senses can get some rest too!

  • All memory-foam mattresses will compress in time. Some as soon as 18 months, according to brand. So buyer beware! However, if you can find a high quality latex foam mattress, you will experience an unbelievable nights sleep and it will last over 10 years!

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