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Awesome scene where Clark Griswold joins a dance at the German festival, which ends in a fight.
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  1. I’ve just finished watching this movie (again), i had forgotten the end
    titles accompanied by random images of American culture which got me
    thinking rather emotionally. 1985 sort of seems not so long ago, but i
    don’t recognize this world anymore. I suppose we’re all the same in that we
    all wish to return to when we were younger and our minds were not filled
    with all the things and all the problems. 

  2. year right … you all think Germany is all about THIS? This may be in a
    small Bavarian village at a festival. Its not Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg,
    Leipzig or Essen……and by the way, people in Deutschland listen to Pink
    Floyd, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Queen, Supertramp, and so on………….

  3. @kennyinliverpool if you want to see people that are dressed like them, you
    have to go to bavaria! in other german cities people dressing normal! 🙂

  4. I don’t care what anyone says, I thought this one was the funniest… Can
    get boring but always a really funny scene that comes out of nowhere


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