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Packing For Europe: Tips and Regrets!

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  • Don’t keep passport in your bag
    I reckon it’s better in a concealed body belt.. Too precious to lose if
    your hand bag is stolen

  • Great video! 2 fellow travelers here and we definitely agree with your
    packing tips 🙂 For some fun travel vlogs, please check out our channel–
    ZeeJay210! Thanks so much!

  • I love those grey sneakers! I’ve been looking everywhere for a simple pair
    of sneakers that werent too chunky, where did you get them?

  • Next summer I’m going to Europe for 17 days with my teacher and friends! So
    exited! Can you give me some tips on what to pack? Please?

  • Great advice. Definitely break in your shoes before the trip. I am very
    particular about my shoes being comfortable and good for a whole days
    walking in. Whenever I buy shoes, I always ask myself “Would these look
    great in Rome and could I walk all day on the cobblestones in them?” I
    could never wear Aldo flats there. Ouch! Cobblestones will kill your
    feet. Yeah, leggings are the way to to go. You can wear them with boots
    or sandals and a longer tunic top on their own. They are cheap in Europe
    and easy on packing space. I picked up 7 pairs in Italy last year. I
    bring one dress (Free People French lace) that you can layer for a day or
    night look and I always bring a hoodie to layer with. It looks really cool
    tied around the waist too. I have an old L.AM.B. one for traveling in that
    adds some style and comfort, although any neutral hoody will do. I bring
    clothes I can wash out in my room, squeeze almost dry with a bath towel and
    hang over a balcony or in a bathroom to dry. If there are some damp
    patches you can always use your blowdryer on them. As a previous
    overpacker, I can say that it is much better to bring ess than more. Now I
    go for two weeks with a backpack. I wear all my heavy stuff on the plane
    and layer (leggings, dress, hoodie, boots and and maybe a shirt over the
    dress). That way my pack gets through security and I don’t have to wait
    around for my checked bags. And boy if your luggage gets lost in Rome,
    Paris or anywhere, it is a real bummer. It has happened to me. Happy

  • Thanks for uploading. I totally agree with you about “breaking in” your
    shoes BEFORE the trip. I went to New York and did a lot of sightseeing,
    walking, etc. I love to walk and possibly walked too much on that trip that
    I had to go buy comfortable shoes as my feet were hurting and swollen. It
    was then hard to buy new shoes because my feet were hurting and swollen. I
    literally wrote and underscored a note to myself, “break in your shoes
    before taking them on a trip and take comfortable shoes.” It such a minor
    thing but the wrong shoes can ruin your trip. It those small items that we
    sometimes overlook that can become an issue on a vacation: comfortable
    shoes, clothes for sightseeing, handbag, battery chargers for cell phones,

  • I am going on a trip to Madrid with my school soon and this video is going
    to help me a lot! Especially the tips on shoes! Thanks xx

  • I always carry my pasaport and little amount of money in a verry little
    messenger bag that can hide under tshirts or sweaters. It’s really useful
    especially in winters. 

  • What to look for in a bag when you’re going to pickpocket-prone areas–
    thick CROSS BODY strap (sewn securely to the bag or with safety pins to
    double up clips), a zipper (the parts that you pull safety pinned
    together), and if possible, a flap on top. Also, be sure your purse is one
    with a lot of little pockets, and USE THEM! Don’t just let stuff float
    around in a gigantic open-top bag. 🙂 

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