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  1. You played let it go! Love this video 🙂 would have been better if you
    played the movie version of the song, it’s a lot better than Demi (who’s
    still brill

  2. I am going to go to Oregon soon and I am super scared to go on the plane.
    Any tips to help with with it? The plane ride will be about 4 hours.

  3. The conear pink/orange curlers you have in the white box thing I have
    too..but dont know how to use! Could you add them into one of your

  4. Aspyn please fix your Imats get ready with me video, I really want to see
    it and it keeps saying playback error

  5. i am so afraid of not getting my bag, so i always bring a carry on with my
    bathroom essentials and makeup (that are less then 3oz and in plastic
    bags), one outfit for the next day and a pair of pjs! so far, i haven’t
    ever not gotten my bags on arrival, but you never know. my friend spent a
    week on our euro tour without her luggage and she did not pack a carry


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