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Q&A: Do I need full travel Insurance?

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Question by GILLIAN P: Do I need full travel Insurance?
Can you tell me I have booked a flight with Thomson and I want to know is if any thing happens to my luggage between taking off and landing in both directions am I covered by Thomson with out any insurance? Im not saying Im not taking out insurance as I am for the medical side.

Best answer:

Answer by kj7285_25
If your luggage gets lost or stolen you won’t be covered unless you take full insurance, most likely it would be best to get travel Insurance but don’t take it from a 3rd party vendor because I’ve read that at times if there are problems like if they go out of business during your trip that they maybe not responsible. Try getting a travel insurance through your local AAA office or which ever you choose, because they can cover medical expenses, lost money, travel delay, or anything else that may come up. And the cost is based on the price of your airline ticket.

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