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Q&A: Do you have to print your airplane travel insurance?


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Question by Pandaboy: Do you have to print your airplane travel insurance?
It’s like 1-22 pages long..It says i should take it with me

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Answer by Maybe???
That answers your question, doesn’t it?!
Having a printout of your insurance will help you if you become unable to show it to emergency personnel.

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  • No, you don’t have to take it with you. Do you take your automobile policy with you in your car? Or do you carry around your health insurance policy with you? No, you carry a summary in your car and an ID card for your health insurance. Usually the first page or two of your travel insurance will be what they call the policy “schedule”. Those pages will include information about you, the policy limits and most importantly the emergency contact information in case you have an emergency while you’re on the trip. Some travel insurance company’s will provide you with an ID card that contains this information. It’s this information that you should carry with you when you’re on the trip.