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Q&A: Travel Car Insurance?

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Question by the_wicked_itch_of_the_west: Travel Car Insurance?
Does anyone know of any websites that can allow insurance on a car for about a week just for travel? I am going to Vegas and using my mom’s car but I have to get insurance on it but I only want it for the week. Any ideas ??
I don’t think she does anymore since she just got another car and I think she just switched over her insurance from the one to the other….

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Answer by azrach
Deosn’t she have an insurance on it? She can ask the agent to cover you, too.

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  • You can not buy insurance for 1 week… Usually, a down payment plus 1 month then you can cancel… It will take them 2-3 weeks to refund you the pro-rated amount…

    Why don’t you have your mother add you on her insurance so you can pay her the difference, then she can take you back off the insurance after your trip to Las Vegas…

  • no, just rent a car, a week insurancee would be 500.00 not worth it and finding an insuranc company that would take your money for a car driven out of the state you will get ripped off