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Question by releasethedoves: Travel insurance?
I’m travelling from Australia to the UK in a few weeks time, for about 4 months. I am completely set up over there already as I lived there in 2007. I am short on cash and wanted to weigh up travel insurance options… I am covered for general medical etc but not things like accidents. Some people have suggested I get insurance for the first week or so in case I lose my luggage, and leave it at that, because I’ll be covered by the health system once I get there. Is this a crazy idea? Obviously it is better to be insured but I really don’t have much money and won’t have any until I arrive there… Thanks.

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Answer by Helper06
You can buy for initial few days, many companies offers daily premium based policy and you can buy them online, You can renew them before it expires online . You may want to check.

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