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Question by Sarah H: qs on travel insurance?
im going to china for a 5 week holiday next week. if for example i get swine flu and become quarantined and cannot come back to england on time. without a travel insurance, will i have to pay for the new flight ticket, medical treatment, and hotel?

if i have travel insurance, how do i claim ecerything back? what are the procedures? Do i keep the receipts, (although they are going to be in chiense)???

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Answer by Naveensuthas
Airline travel insurance provides that insurance will protect the family if untoward will happen while we travel in aircraft… Airline travel insurance is a taxi insurance policy, you purchase before taking a flight. It pays your family and dependents a lump sum and keeps them debt free should something happen to you while you are flying on your trip… This airline insurance is same as the car, health insurance…

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  • China is beautiful.

    I am going to be very honest so I hope my answer does not offend you.

    The insurance the airlines sale is BS! If you are in another country and get hurt or sick you will have to pay out of pocket and 3 years later you will get back a percentage of the expenses.

    I won’t go into detail but I buy travelers insurance through an independent company.

    I was in Japan last year and got into a serious accident in a taxi. My insurance company paid 100% of ALL my medical and got me back to the states for emergency surgery within 24hrs. The insurance paid for it all.

    Just my 2 cents based on my 20 years of travel.