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Question by lew: Singapore Fullerton hotel?
Anybody stay in Singapore Fullerton hotel before?
How is the service?
It is good for honeymoon couple?

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Answer by ericlew
Singapore Fullerton is a 5 star hotel.
It is facing directly towards the sea thus the view should be good.
As in good for honeymoon maybe yes because the night scenery is quite romantic.
YOu can look at the below web site for some nite photo capture around Singapore Fullerton hotel and recommendation

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  1. For honeymoon, I strongly suggest the Beaufort Hotel at Sentosa.
    Beside the attractions, a moonlight night stroll after dinner along the beach is refreshing and rather romantic. You won’t regret it if you intent to spend your honeymoon in a serenade way.

  2. it’s a very very nice 5 stars hotel. b4 was a post office. look historic fr outside. by the riverside & next to the famous Merlion. s kinda convenience. room is kinda spacious & i stayed twice there b4 w/ my gf. we both loved it v much!! try book the courtyard room as it’s bigger + w/ a balcony overlook the harbour.


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