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Spain’s Secret Training Destination | Ollie Weekly #26 | Cycling Weekly

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Mojácar, Almeria – a quiter version of Mallorca | Subscribe to Cycling Weekly here: Hi everybody, this week i travelled to Andalucia…


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  • Lanzarote, amazing roads, great weather, decent climbs and it’s cheap with some amazing accommodation. Oh and this is my first cycling weekly video and I subscribed and liked 🙂

  • Gorges du Tarn, Massif Central, France which is sometimes transition day routes for TDF. Fantastic, amazing, beautiful scenery and chance for lots of sunflower field (pro looking) pics. I have spent many summers in that area and I know the featured Cat 3 climb from Ambialet to Saint-Cirgue in TDF 2015 very well and often dream of being a very slow, overweighted Thomas De Gendt riding for my KOM points.
    ps: loved the way you slipped in just out with Yanto Barker today, like hey I ride with cool ex-pros all the time guys.

  • The western part of Jutland in Denmark. It might not be the most sexy place but it’s really nice in the summer. I especially like to ride round the Ringkøbing fjord it’s completely flat but the wind will make it very hard. And you can simulate climbs with the strong headwind you get out there.

  • I'm amazed no one has mentioned Colombia. Fly into Medellin and grab Strava routes or, better still, get a good bike tour company to show you the countryside. The scenery is beautiful, the weather is great, people are friendly and it's safe.

    Bonus – your friends and family will remember the bad narco times there and see you as an adventuring bad-ass. Little do they know if Rapha and others are running tours it can be the war-zone they imagine.

  • I normally head to Mallorca "as many do" but couldn't this year but after the absolute shite weather in Feb I was at wits end.. After a bit of searching my normal trip to Mallorca was costing a fair whack so I took a chance and found a return flight with Easy for under £200 and a cheap hotel in "Malaga" I stayed just west of the airport and managed to do a weeks trip for about £300. Hotel was cheap and 20 mins by direct train almost to the front door it was perfect for what I needed and could keep bike in the room, I had loads of restaurants around me and was a 10 minute warm up spin from the Mountains.. Down side was to get to the roads east of the City you need to get down a short section of the MA-21 road which whilst not fun is fine as the drivers give you lots of room.. All in there is far more to European cycling breaks than Mallorca and knowing what I know now I would have scheduled in a days mountain biking rental with a up lift company, I have not Mountain biked in years but the off road opportunities seem to be copious….

  • If you are ever in Thailand check out Chiang Mai, absolute lovely place for all types of riding. Good climbs with Doi sutep and a decent community that offer lots of group rides if needed.. I spent a week there and loved every minute of it, I hear a lot of the Asian conti teams train in the region..

  • The east coast of Ireland. So underrated that despite being a £20 Ryanair flight away, YOU haven't even been here Ollie (that I've seen in a video anyway). Stunning scenery, snaking quiet roads, epic climbs short and long, and all close enough to Dublin/civilisation that you don't need to rent a car. If you like your beloved dales (that's redundant), you'll love the WIcklow Mountains.

  • my favorit cycling spot is antwerp Belgium where i live because the weather is shitty most of the time with a lot of wind and we also have lot of crappy roads, lots of traffic and angry cardrivers who would like to push you off the road. so why is this my favorit cycling spot? because now on every cycling vacation i go either it is in france or spain or italy or even the uk it Always feels like i'm in cycling heaven

  • Evening Ollie, my recommendation for a (slightly) lesser known bike holiday would be in the Serra de Monchique region in the Algarve, Portugal. There's one big climb, Foia, that goes to just over 900m that has a lovely restaurant at the summit with brilliant views for miles, the roads are quiet as you are away from the hustle and bustle of the coast, although you may get chased by the odd farm dog! I've visited on numerous occasions but only ridden a bike once, in pre-strava days, so I'm really keen to get back and get my name on the leaderboard, albeit probably near the bottom on current form!

  • Hi, very nice video, it warms my body in this Mancunian winter that will never end…

    About an underrated/unknown destination for cycling I suggest my homeland : Jura mountains in the East of France. Really easy to go there by plane with the Geneva airport. From there you have access to very remote and quiet roads with stunning view. This is where you can have the best view on the Swiss and French Alps.

    You can also test yourself with some very hard climbing :

    And finally, you can reward yourself with the best food and wine all over the country (completely honest 😉 ).


  • Spain looks great 👍 there is no question that Europe has lots to offer, great roads, mountains and sunshine but I’d like to see more cycling from around Scotland. The landscape is amazing and it’s right on our doorstep. I will be the first to admit that I have spent more time on holiday abroad than in this country. One day I would like to try the West Coast 500.

  • I live in Dublin across the pond, we have some lovely roads just behind where I live around the Dublin/Wicklow mountains and national park 🙂 cracking views and nice cycling. Nico Roche trains around here when he's home, check his Instagram and you'll see what I mean. Glendalough is a particularly nice place with cracking views of lakes and an ancient monastery.

  • Taiwan is a highly underrated cycling destination. The terrain is amazingly varied with short punchy jungle climbs, flat coastal roads (Pacific!) and epic 90km ascents from sea level to 3200 metres (Wuling). From the capital Taipei you can climb to 1000 metres above sea level (Yangmingshan) in no time. Add amazing food and a burgeoning cycling culture to the mix and you've got a bonafide cycling mecca. And, like Spain, the roads are amazing too, unlike much of the rest of Asia.

  • the region of the appalaches because first I rode there I was amazed by the climbs (hard and steep) the road surface its amazing how large the roads are without having huge traffic

  • My suggestion is Lake Placid, New York in the US. Home to two winter Olympics the town has a great atmosphere to stay in and great roads around with plenty of climbs including the biggest climb up Whiteface Mountain which has a similar profile to Alpe d'Huez in terms or length and gradient. Fantastic area with stunning views and a great sporting community.

  • Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, Canada. The Cabot Trail is a must on every cyclist’s dream list of touring routes. Cape Breton Highlands National Park will reveal to you Nova Scotia’s coastal beauty at its best. Discover one of the best cycling routes in North America! With some of the most magnificent scenery on the continent, this is overwhelmingly Atlantic Canada’s most popular bicycle touring route.

  • Not well known but the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada. Fly into Halifax International and a short drive will have you in the middle of some of the best country roads. Lots of choices for fast flats along the Valley or climbs galore on either side with breathtaking views of the Valley on one side with apple orchards and vineyards or the Bay of Fundy on the other side with the worlds highest tides. It may not be a spring training destination but come in the summer for warm temperatures or in the fall to check out the colourful hardwood leaves. – Mike Turnbull