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Planning your next family vacation involves deciding between a lot of potential destinations. Sure, there are always the usual standbys of white sand beaches or sun soaked shores, but who hasn’t already been there and done that?

So why not plan your vacation in the United Kingdom ? From the thrilling history, to the attractive countryside, to a vibrant culture stretching from Dover to the Shetlands, the United Kingdom has it all.

Here are 10 reasons to spend your vacation to the United Kingdom :

1. Topography

The topography of the United Kingdom is itself a wonderful attraction. From the white cliffs of Dover to the moors of Scotland to the beautiful and diverse towns dotting the Midlands, the UK offers a little bit of everything to everyone.

2. World Class Transport System

Few countries have a more developed transportation system than the UK. Motorways crisscross the country, making renting a car or hiring a motor coach an attractive proposition.

However, don’t leave the UK without taking a trip on the rail network that transports you from one part of the kingdom to another in no time at all.

3. You Won’t Have to Learn a New Language!

It should be no surprise that English is spoken everywhere on the language’s native soil. Although there are some notable local dialects, communicating with the locals is easy in the UK.

4. Art Galleries and Museums

The UK, and London in particular, boasts a superb collection of museums and art galleries. Exhibiting great works of art and priceless antiquities from around the world, British museums are some of the finest you’ll come across. If that isn’t enticing enough, many of them are free to the public year-round.

5. Fabulous Gardens

The English are known for their well-tended gardens. Indeed, most homes have a little plot of land for the cultivation of vegetables and flowers. An attraction that cannot be missed while you holiday in the UK is a stroll through the many public gardens and parks.

Consider Hyde Park in London or a stroll up to Hampstead Heath for some truly impressive vistas.

6. The Best Pubs in the World

A trip to the UK wouldn’t be complete without a stop at one of the many famous pubs that the nation is blessed with. Consider complementing your pint of stout or ale with some authentic British fare, such as shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash, and, of course, the classic fish and chips.

7. Rich with History

The United Kingdom is so rich with history. From old Roman ruins to numerous medieval castles to the grand histories of the Kings and Queens of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, every street corner holds a story. No matter what period piques your interest, the UK always has a tale to tell.

8. A Great Starting Point for a European Adventure

Although separated from the European continent by the English Channel, the UK is still a great place to start a much more expansive vacation. The Channel Tunnel, colloquially known as the ‘Chunnel’, is your gateway to Europe.

No matter what your final destination may be, always consider starting any European foray in the United Kingdom.

9. Fun for the Kids

The United Kingdom isn’t just for adults. Children will find plenty of activities to suit their interest in the numerous museums, theme parks, and attractions, not to mention the natural beauty of the Lake District. After all, the UK is the home for such classic children’s characters as Mary Poppins, Sherlock Holmes, and Harry Potter.

10. Strong Local Currency

Finally, for the more fiscally concerned, the strength of the British pound makes spending money in the UK a safe bet. Trusted for centuries, the British pound is a stable currency that is insulated from wild fluctuations that can hurt travelers abroad.

When planning your next vacation, keep the United Kingdom in mind.

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