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  1. Yes! the 7 pools connected to each other was super cool! You’re so lucky
    you used to go for free and going back next summer!

  2. Ahhhh ok I gotcha! I haven’t seen all of your videos so I hadn’t heard yet
    who he is, but i didn’t know if it was rude to assume he was. That is an
    awesome name btw. Also I can’t reply directly to your comment since I’m on
    my phone, sorry about that.

  3. Hey! My family lives on Maui!! I love that hotel… the 7 pools are the
    coolest with all the connecting slides and the water elevator. My cousin
    used to be a manager there so we always got in for free… sweet :) And
    they have an awesome spa!! LOVE IT!! I’m jealous i’m not there, but will be
    there next summer!!!


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