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We all love holidays and we love to talk about them. Wouldn’t it be exciting if you could tell your friends all about your vacation the next time in English?…
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  • Thank you very much Riya Sen! It’s an honor to be the site of the month on
    EnglishClub 🙂 We hope to continue bringing you fresh content very

  • Thanks a lot for this quick response. Your explanation is really helpful. I
    find your channel very good for improving English speaking skills. You
    channel has won the “Best site of the month” title in EnglishClub. I really
    think it’s worth it!!

  • Good question Riya. It means my parents were with me. It’s got some slang.
    Folks is an informal word often used to mean parents, guardians or senior
    members of the family. The phrase ‘My folks were around’, means that my
    family members (usually parents) were nearby. The girl didn’t drink because
    she had her family members nearby and she thought they wouldn’t approve. Is
    this helpful?

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