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The 5 best beaches in Zakynthos

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Regarded as somewhat of a dream destination the stunning climate and amazing sites make Zakynthos a must-see bucket list holiday. While you are there you may want to explore the local area, perhaps partake in some water sports, and for many, the allure of lazing on a warm, sandy beach will be too much to resist. With crystal clear waters and white sand, they are a lifetime away from the beaches at home, memories are just waiting to be made. So here is our pick of the five best beaches in Zakynthos to help you plan your holiday time on this stunning Greek island.

1. Shipwreck Cove

Known to the locals as Navagio, this is perhaps one of the most well-known of the island’s beaches, so expect it to be busy if you are travelling in high season. However, that does not detract from the stunning cliffs that surround this western facing beach or the great waters and enticing sand. Accessible only by boat you will find water taxi’s leaving most hours, and your journey will take about half an hour, but well worth the wait.

2. Gerakas Beach

Sandy, unspoilt and boasting a crystal clear turquoise sea it is easy to see why this beach has made the top five. If you are using hire cars to explore there is a convenient free carpark which puts you right next to the path to this little slice of paradise. One regular visitor to this beach is the sea turtle, sadly now the Caretta-Caretta is officially an endangered species but with this stunning backdrop to call home it is hoped they will begin to thrive once more.

3. Kalamaki Beach

On the east of Zakynthos town just a mere 6km out, you will find this favourite gem. Here you will see an array of water-based sports as well as the chance to tuck yourself up the beach and soak up some rays. The area is protected, and the locals are proud of the fact this is a natural rather than man-made attraction. Just one small cafe is onsite to provide liquid refreshments.

4. Porto Zoro Beach

Surprisingly quieter than a lot of the other top beaches you will love the gorgeous scenery here. With perfect swimming waters nestled in breathtaking beautiful rock formations, this really is a hidden gem. Should the mood take you, there are some rental rooms just a stone’s throw away so you can wake up next to this glorious beach.

5. Agios Nikolaos

Named after the chapel found to the left of the beach our final entry for the best beaches in Zakynthos is another busy beach that attracts lots of people for that very reason. There are plenty of water-based activities and other typical tourist facilities, and you will find a great selection of sunbeds and umbrellas for those who prefer to bask and watch from the safety of the shore. Tucked off to the right is a quieter area for those who prefer to get far away from the madding crowd.

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