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The Seeker Project Led Me to Fairmont Austin

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If you read my last post, a 48-hour travel guide to Austin, Texas, then you know that what led me to this quirky city was the Seeker Project by Le Club Accor Hotels. It’s an intriguing online quiz that utilizes biometry and technology to determine your heart’s travel desires. It analyzes your responses to a series of imagery that flashes across your screen and tells you where it thinks you should travel to next based on its analysis. I was uber shocked that it selected Texas for me, but I kept an open mind and off to Texas I flew.

So how accurate were the results? If you followed my Instagram stories or read my Austin travel guide, then you’ll know Austin was 100% up my weird, quirky, fun-loving alley. Then The Seeker nailed it with its suggestion to stay at  Fairmont Austin, which provided that special touch of luxury and relaxation I needed to balance it all out. As a result, the entire trip ended up being a very accurate reflection of my versatile travel style—it was the perfect mix of intriguing culture, weird nightlife, luxe pampering, bomb vegan cuisine, and off-the-beaten-path adventure.

Fairmont Austin sets itself apart with everything they do. The first indicator that will tell you if a hotel is really about luxury, is how its staff makes you feel. I felt welcomed the moment I stepped out the car and that feeling lasted my entire stay. Everyone there is friendly, knowledgeable, respectful, helpful, attentive, and gurus at what they do. Here are 5 things I enjoyed about my stay here.

This hotel has some crazy beautiful décor! I have to give kudos to whoever the interior designer was. Possibly the biggest conversational piece is the large oak tree by the bar in the Fulton lounge. The tree illuminates the entire room and draws your attention from all angles. It has an ethereal blue glow that I can best describe as something straight out of Avatar. It looks like something from another planet and I often enjoyed going down there just to sit next to it in the evenings.

Fairmont Austin

Fairmont AustinFairmont Austin

Be sure to make your way to the 7th floor to chillax at Rules & Regs where you can enjoy a killer view of Austin. Hang out and have cocktails at the restaurant or step outside and relax by the pool—you get a stunning cityscape view from either spot.

Fairmont Austin Fairmont Austin

Speaking of views, my room was all the way up on the 37th floor and had a spectacular view of Lady Bird Lake and the city! It was incredible waking up to this sight every morning.

Fairmont Austin 7 THINGS TO DO IN AUSTIN, TX | 48-HOUR TRAVEL GUIDEFairmont Austin

When is the last time you pampered yourself? According to the poll results in my Instagram stories, 70% of you said it’s been awhile. One of my dear friends Jasmine from Self•ISH taught me that it’s #itsOKtobeselfISH – so I decided to be selfish and got treated to a spa day for the first time in awhile. I got a foot bath, followed by a body scrub, followed by a full body massage at Fairmont Spa and ya girl really needed this! They also have spa gifts you can browse through on your way out.


Fairmont AustinFairmont Austin


I loved how accommodating Fairmont Austin was to my dietary needs. Navigating hotel breakfasts, in particular, can sound daunting as a vegan. What do you do when most breakfast menus are filled with egg dishes, buttery croissants, and other dairy delights? You speak up and say something. They were so helpful and told me exactly what I could eat. I had potatoes, fruit, avocado toast, oatmeal, and an almond milk smoothie! Twas bomb.


I also dined at Revue, where once again, they were incredibly informative regarding what cuisine I could delightfully partake in. I tried 3 different dishes, including the Blistered Edamame, Crispy Brussels Sprouts, and Autumn Squash. My mouth is watering a bit just thinking back to that meal. Let me tell you about this edamame y’all. I’ve never tasted anything so flavorful in my life. They cook it in lemon kosho, a zesty Japanese citrus chili paste and…omg. Nommmm.

Fairmont Austin Fairmont Austin

The Seeker Project isn’t your average quiz. It goes deeper than asking a few random questions to determine what you want. It’s a sensory experience that measures your behavioral and biometric responses. It sidesteps rational decision-making, and instead uses technology to determine our truest travel desires. If it weren’t for the Seeker Project, I probably would have never discovered Austin or this stunning hotel. If left up to my rationale, I would have overlooked Austin as a viable vacation spot. But when I turned to sophisticated technology to identify a destination and hotel in alignment with my travel style, I was able to discover something that was perfect for me that I would have never experienced on my own. I encourage everyone reading this to step outside their own rationale and give the Seeker Project a try—you just might discover something truly incredible and delightfully unexpected!

* This adventure was made possible by Le Club Accor Hotels and Travel Mindset, but please believe all opinions are ALL me. In other words, I legit had fun on this trip and believe you will too.

Austin Fairmont - SEEKER PROJECT

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