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The Stones Hotel Bali Legian (Autograph Collection), Review of a Pool Suite

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Review of a Pool Suite Nr 547.


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  • From the outside appearance it looks attractive, however after you check that's when the real hell begins. The water when you turn it on for the first 5 minutes stinks like someone is defecating through the Pipelines. One night after enjoying a meal, I went to the bathtub that's on the outside balcony to relax and chill out; however, I threw up my meal after smelling the stench emitting from the Pipelines. Also whether you're Christian or Muslim you'll be deeply offended by the odor and stink from the drawer where they keep the Bible and Al-Quran; It stinks like rotten women's undergarments. And it's not just one room is all the rooms. although I consider myself loosely conservative in my religious views, no holy book on the planet should be kept in drawer that stinks like a steaming pile of horse manure. also in the restaurant on the outside area that overlooks the pool occasionally a gust of wind will blow in leakage from the outside irrigation system that water's the wall plants. the only problem is that the irrigation system that Waters the exterior wall plant is infested with black mold and rust. Most black mold is highly toxic to the human body hand can cause multiple allergic reactions and sometimes even death after prolonged exposure. anyway the wind would blow the drainage water contaminated with rust and black mold into the restaurant which would occasionally contaminate the food that I was eating. although they did try to fix it while I was there the Cutaway of the cement board were so terrible because when they cut the areas out that were exposed to leakage you can actually see the black mold, rot, and rust that was spewing water from the outside irrigation system. After being exposed to the water contaminants that drizzled and sprayed into my food I felt nauseated and fell ill after eating my meal. I had a serious case of Bali belly after some water dripped off onto my plate however because I was hungry I ate the food anyway and regretted it for nearly a week I was sick in my bed. Not only that but after discussing my nightmare with other guests there, it came to my attention that each room is bugged and security will often scan and monitor conversations within the hotel room. I cannot tolerate an invasion of privacy such as that and any sane person would stay away. Also one time I had a problem with my card and had to call the bank over over a menial 480,00 ($37.00) charge, I told them that I would pay cash the following day however the there would follow me all around kuta. They put a surveillance team on me to ensure that I was not skipping out on my bill. That was crazy because I pre booked two weeks in advance, so wasn't going anywhere. I felt my privacy and peace of mind were completely destroyed due to the invasive security tactics there at the hotel. I'm going to open a website called

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