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  1. Burj al Arab is intensively expensive than another hotel in the world. They're hardworking made such luxurious city made them proud of themselves. So, hotel had accomplished in 1997 and it's still remains its better qualities there.

  2. This whole video left such a bad taste in my mouth. I don´t know if its the way video its shot or editted, but god I already feel uncomfortable, let alone stay in the hotel. Whole ceremony when I walk through door, how akward it must be when 3 families walk in the same time and going "Why the heck is she pouring that stuff on my hands?" .No doubt this hotel is by far another league than me, but it did not left me with a good impression

  3. Its perfectly normal for people not accustomed to luxury at this magnitude to say bad things. Hopefully they will get to experience, then have a completely different perspective.


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