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Travel Series Videos: 1) Tips for Air Travel with Kids (Flying with 3 kids 5 and Under): 2) What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag? (Vega…
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  1. Your family must travel a lot! LOL, you are very organized. I am going on
    my first family vacation with my two kids – 5 and 7 this summer. I’ll be
    paying close attention to your videos. :)

  2. at tips thank you!!! im also about to be a family of five!!! i have two
    girls and im pregnant with my first baby boy!!! and really soon we gonna be
    traveling pretty far so this really helped me!!!

  3. Thanks a lot for this helpful information!

    I was always missing my errands, shopping and many other simple things in
    life and the result is that , all used to make fun of me and i was called
    almost a looser!

    luckily, one of colleague introduced me to “listall” mobile app by lokesh
    which helps in managing 8 different and important type of lists in life.

    Now, I am much more organized and people now call me effective person! I
    cant believe it

  4. So since at the air port when you check all of that in, wasn’t there a
    certain weight limit??? Cause I’m moving by my self. And I’m checking in
    one suite case on to the conveyer belt. But it’s can’t be over 50 or else
    it would charge me $90. Did you have a tissues packing and stuffing
    everything In there 

  5. Wow you are sooo organised! We are about to go on an overseas family trip
    and I was looking for a video to motivate me to get packing, feeling
    inspired now thanks! Btw do you find your kids wanting to take their
    backpacks off and give them to you. I can imagine my kids doing that, but
    they’re 4 and 7 now so it could work.

  6. I just turned to Jon and told him I am flabbergasted by the amount of
    clothing you got into those suitcases! Holy bananas! That was insanely well
    executed mama! Have a safe trip and I can’t wait to see some vlogs from
    your adventures! <3

  7. I love how it is very organized! Make me think how my mom packs! No
    foreseeable trip in our future but I will keep this in mind when we do go.
    I’ll have less kids clothes, the perk of 3 boys!

  8. If you hand roll clothing into rolls, the clothing doesn’t wrinkle or
    crease and you can even fit in more clothing …. Just a little tip & trick
    I learnt 😀 Enjoy your holiday girl.

  9. Omg i am also traveling with my three kids for two weeks and my plans r to
    fit my clothing and theres in one luggage and just seing this video i think
    it might not be possible


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