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What You Should Know About Student Travel Insurance

students travel insurance

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Regardless of your age or reason for travelling abroad, travel insurance is a must-have because of the unpredictable nature of travelling. You cannot predict if you are going to have a trip interruption or cancellation, problems with your flight, issues with your accommodations, lost luggage or if you are going to become ill or injured while at your destination. There are policies designed especially for students who are travelling due to academic reasons. Many students participate in exchange programs or go on excursions where they learn more about what they are studying.

One example of this might be a student who is majoring in Spanish with the goal of becoming a translator. This student may spend months in Spain immersing themselves in the language and the culture. Students studying biology or ecology might go on a study program to Costa Rica. For those students studying fashion design, a trip to France to meet and apprentice with top designers could be in order. These are just examples and regardless of the reason, travel insurance is extremely important to have.
students travel insurance

Travel Insurance protects students

Students may already be required to undergo a medical examination and receive certain vaccinations before they depart. Travel insurance protects students while en route to their destination and while at their destination. There are many different kinds of policies and many can be customized to suit your individual needs. Let’s take a look at the different areas that may be covered under a single policy:

Flight Protection — Flight protection covers you if your flight is cancelled or delayed. Also, some kinds of flight insurance provide coverage in the event of injury or death while on the plane. Flight insurance does not extend past airline travel.

Health Coverage — Travel health coverage covers a vast spectrum of things depending on your policy. Usually, you’ll get coverage for ambulance transport to the hospital, emergency room visits, outpatient doctor visits and prescribed medications. Some plans also provide emergency airlift evacuation.

Lost/Stolen Luggage — If it hasn’t already happened to you, then you’ve surely heard stories about lost and stolen bags at the airport or even at one’s destination. This can put a major cramp in your travels because you will be without clothes and other important personal items. This kind of coverage can reimburse the value of your bag’s contents so you can replace them.

Trip Interruption/Cancellation — Sometimes trips must be cancelled or cut short because of extenuating circumstances. Trip interruption and cancellation insurance will cover your prepaid travel expenses due to certain things like natural disaster, serious illness or death in the family.

Not too long ago, my nephew went to Prague to study architecture. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, but he caught a nasty virus while there and had to seek medical care. Thanks to his student travel coverage, he was referred to the proper medical facility and his expenses for examination, diagnosis and treatment were covered. He was as good as new in a matter of several days and enjoyed the rest of his excursion.

Where and How To Locate Travel Insurance for students?

To locate the best student travel insurance, the first thing you’ll want to do is some online research. Use the major search engine of your choice to look for student travel coverage. You will find a plethora of insurance companies who offer special student packages. Some of these companies you may have already heard of, some you may not have. You’re going to want to compare quotes and rates to find the insurer who offers the most appealing coverage options and prices. Sites offer free online quotes, all you have to do is complete a simple form. Once you submit the form, you will be immediately returned with quote results and most likely contacted by an agent in the near future.

Students should always have insurance when traveling, not just because of their age but because of their unique needs. Many students may be traveling to remote locations for study or even for a summer or spring break, and should have plenty of protection in the event they get injured or sick, their bags or stolen or their trip is cut short or delayed. Without this coverage, the costs accumulated from such events can be far more than what a student can afford.

Student travel insurance is available online and through insurance agencies in your area. Brokers can help you find good rates because they work with a multitude of insurance companies to get you the best policy and rate. You can go directly to an insurance company to save even more money but this will take more research on your part. A travel agency may offer their own health coverage for students as well. You might also want to inquire with your university and see if they offer any kind of travel insurance coverage for students travelling for study.

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