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Question by AJ vballsetter: Winter Travel Insurance HELP!!?
My family and I might be traveling to the Caribbean in the end of December into January. We would be leaving Chicago to Philadelphia and then heading down. Is it worth getting travel insurance? Does it snow horribly in Philly around then? THANKS!!!

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Answer by Pompal
NEVER travel without insurance! There are far too many horror stories of people who have done so and ended up having to pay a very heavy price for their error of judgement. The cost of travel insurance is very small compared to what you might have to pay in the event of being a victim, in any number of different circumstances.

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  1. “Worth” it is a relative term. You’re traveling at a time and from a location that could very easily have delays due to weather. It could easily be snowy in Philly, but you’re leaving from Chicago, which is even more prone to snow and also delays. If you purchased insurance, you’d want to be sure and get coverage for that type of event. compares rates and policies for you. There are restrictions on how close to departure date insurance can be purchased, so you might want to get right to it.


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