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AIG Travel Unveils Optional Lodging Expense Coverage

In response to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) requirement that U.S.-bound passengers provide proof of negative COVID-19 tests, AIG Travel unveiled optional lodging expense coverage for travelers concerned they may be prohibited from boarding aircraft due to positive tests.

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AIG Travel’s Lodging Expense Bundle “may cover up to a total of $500 per person for certain additional lodging expenses, which will be available to most new and existing policyholders who purchase the company’s Preferred or Deluxe travel insurance plans and cite the destination they are traveling outside of the U.S.,” AIG Travel said.

“We understand there are increasing numbers of people who feel ready to travel internationally, but they want additional safeguards in place, including financial coverage in case they should need to remain at their destination country longer than originally planned,” said AIG CEO Jeff Rutledge. “This new offering will help people to once again travel with confidence.”

U.S. residents visiting Costa Rica will be able to take advantage of a tailored version of the Lodging Expense Bundle “to address the country’s new entry requirement that U.S.-based visitors must secure and show proof of a travel insurance policy that includes up to a total of $2,000 in lodging expense coverage,” AIG said.

The Lodging Expense Bundle is but one of a range of optional product upgrades unveiled by the company last year to respond to traveler’s particular needs.

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