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Airports, Cruise Terminals Reopen in Florida

Tropical storms and hurricanes in Florida are not uncommon but when Nicole hit the east coast and swept across the state on Wednesday and Thursday there was fear that, on top of the devastating Hurricane Ian six weeks earlier, it would only to add to the woes.

But Florida fared well this time and airports and cruise terminals were reopening today following brief shutdowns.


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According to flight-tracking service FlightAware, there were 3,729 flights delayed and 1,392 flights canceled in the U.S. on Thursday, November 10, and as of 1 p.m. ET Friday, November 12, there were 2,065 delays and only 413 cancellations.

Orlando International Airport accounted for most of those. Orlando resumed limited commercial operations on Thursday evening and a full flight schedule was expected to be intact Friday.

The nearby, smaller Orlando Sanford Airport fully closed on Thursday but was expected to reopen fully Friday. Melbourne International, not far from famed Cocoa Beach, was briefly shut down but was also expected to resume operations on Friday.

Daytona Beach International closed on Wednesday afternoon but reopened Friday while Tampa International Airport is open and operational.

In South Florida, Port Miami reopened on Thursday after briefly shutting down.

Nicole did cause several itinerary and route changes for cruises, however.

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