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Anele Mdoda won’t be flying Kenyan Airways ever again after being stuck in Kenya

South African media personality Anele Mdoda was in Nigeria this week for the world premier of Disney Plus’ ‘Iwájú’.

Travelling to Nigeria was a breeze for the 947 presenter, but travelling home to Mzansi was not the case because she found herself stuck in Kenya after her flight got delayed.

Mdoda found herself reflecting on how hot she looked in Nigeria in her green figure-hugging dress, only for her to be looking very different at the airport lounge as her flight kept getting pushed back.

The broadcaster explained her flight was cancelled and they were not even put up in a hotel, despite their flight being cancelled and them spending 12 hours in the airport.

“Oh it gets worse. They can’t take us to the hotel because of some blah blah reason so we now have to sleep at the airport,” she tweeted.

“They will serve us dinner by gate 21 at 10pm 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Kenyan Airways just throw the whole airline away.”

The delay caused Mdoda to miss the breakfast show she presents as she only boarded a flight the next day.

Mdoda’s followers also shared their own experiences of being stuck, thanks to Kenyan Airways at an airport.

The seasoned broadcaster was able to find the humour in the situation, joking that Beyoncé would send a plane for her and pleaded for people to wake up President Cyril Ramaphosa so she could be extracted from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

She also reflected that maybe she should be dating a high powered businessman like Edwin Sodi, who might have a plane and would be sending it to her, if she was dating him.

“Jerrrrrr Kenyan Airways is the worst of them all. I have never seen an airline deal with so many delays and now a cancellation,” she tweeted.

During her hourly reflection, Mdoda even thought about having a BBL, which would act as a cushion for her booty and make her withstand all the sitting she had to endure at the airport.

Mdoda is finally back in the country after a very long stay in Kenya, she missed her radio breakfast show, she doesn’t smell good, has a throbbing headache, all thanks to Kenyan Airways.

IOL Entertainment has approached Kenyan Airways for comment and this story will be updated once comment has been received.

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