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Banff National Park Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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When you imagine the Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park is likely the image that comes to mind. While a beautiful location for hiking and relaxation during the summer, this 2,500 square mile alpine mountain sanctuary comes alive during the winter.

Snowy forests, glacier-carved lakes, and icefields set the scene in this, Canada’s first national park. Your Banff National Park tour begins in Banff itself, a resort town with a casual atmosphere, loaded with bars and restaurants, and continues into the park’s vast outdoor space, which is often utilized for winter activities. Whether you’re an experienced skier or are new to the sport, you’ll find thousands of acres of slopes to carve up. Take lessons in town or at one of the resorts dotting the mountains, or, if you’re not sure about skiing, try snowshoeing and hiking through the pristine wilderness. Embark on the Johnston Canyon Ice Walk for one of the most astonishing views of nature you’ll ever see…or book a sleigh ride or dog sledding ride for an adventure straight out of a storybook.

Ready to really appreciate some natural beauty? Your Banff National Park sightseeing will lead you to the Banff Gondola and let it take you to the summit for a view of Bow Valley and the surrounding Rocky Mountains. We promise you’ve never seen anything like it.

What will you do at Banff National Park?

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