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This video for Banff Vacation Travel Guide is one of our older productions, but we wanted to share it with you to get some feedback on how these older clips compare to the more recent travel guides we’ve shot. Below are some links to those recent videos. Feel free to compare with this clip and comment below to let us know which ones you prefer, and what else you’d love to see from Expedia on YouTube!

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Banff, located in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies, is one part resort town and one part breathtaking natural retreat.

Life is a little different at over 4,600 feet in elevation—by the way, that makes Banff Canada’s highest town. During your Banff sightseeing, you’ll learn that the town’s residents and visitors are a lively bunch, and you’ll find the local businesses are perfect for this festive crowd. Choose from over 100 restaurants to dine at, or stop by one or two of the dozens of pubs and cafes for an inexpensive snack and drink after walking through the many boutiques. You can also enjoy a marvelous time after the sun goes down; try dancing the night away at the Dancing Sasquatch, or visiting one of Banff’s other nightclubs.

Banff National Park is known for its wildlife, some of which frequents Banff itself. You’ll often spot deer at the outskirts of town, some of which are friendly and curious about people. Once you say hello to the deer, make the drive to nearby Johnston Canyon, where you can take in snow-capped alpine scenery straight out of a fairy tale.

Warm up after all this time spent outside: head to the Banff Upper Hot Springs. This exquisite spa has treated visitors to hot water and stunning views of the Rockies for over a century, and will continue to do so for a century to come.

What will you do on your Banff tour?

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