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Cancun Airport Temporarily Evacuated After Reported Blast

Travelers reported a chaotic scene inside Mexico’s Cancun International Airport on Monday afternoon following a loud blast that some likened to gunfire or a bomb.

Initial reports of a “shooting” on social media described crowds of passengers running and screaming, prompting at least a partial evacuation of the airport.


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“At the airport in Cancun waiting for a flight and just saw a herd of people running and screaming towards me. People ducking behind counters and chairs. People seem to think someone had a gun, but security can’t confirm. Terminal has at least partially been evacuated,” journalist Joshua Freeman wrote on Twitter.

While several videos recorded inside of the airport showed concerned travelers seeking shelter and security personnel on the move, no shooting or bombing has been confirmed.

Freeman later reported that security officials told him that an x-ray machine had exploded.

“Alarm has stopped and people have been let back inside. One airline worker who announced that people could return to the terminal tells me that security informed her an x-ray machine blew up, setting off a panic.”

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