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Canyon Ranch Helps The Whole Family With Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, it is that time of year to get in shape and eat more vegetables. The challenge is even more difficult this year since many people continue to work from home, just steps away from the refrigerator. Teens are learning remotely, and most sports have been cancelled. How can you get everyone in your family off the couch and into the great outdoors? Destination spas, which are incredibly appealing to adults, tend not to welcome kids. But Canyon Ranch is an exception; their properties offers numerous family-friendly activities and welcome kids ages 14-17. 

Canyon Ranch has developed a loyal following for its exceptionally varied fitness offerings, terrific treatments and spiritual programs. The food is both healthy and delicious and calorie postings and smaller portion sizes tend to encourage healthy eating. Depending on the season and location, hiking, biking, kayaking, snow-showing and cross-country skiing are available and getting outside is a great alternative, especially in the timer of Covid.

I recently visited the Lenox location with my twin boys, age 17. The kids were thrilled by the well-equipped gym and I really enjoyed all the yoga classes, including yoga for athletes, candlelit yoga and aerial yoga. My family found endless group activities that we could enjoy together, as well as more than enough classes and treatments to try alone. Group rowing and TRX classes are perfect for the whole family and the property offers several daily hikes. Indoor archery was a huge hit and we signed up for a quick-meal cooking lesson, since we are in desperate need of some new meals to put in rotation. Depending on your group’s interests, you could also try a group training session, a horoscope reading or some sound therapy. And after months of togetherness, there is also the option of spending some quiet time alone during a chakra balancing massage or an immunity-boosting ayurvedic herbal rejuvenation treatment.

Most guests are thrilled to discover just how good the food is. Meals are varied enough to appeal to every family member. One of my kids enjoyed double orders of steak every night, while I indulged in giant salads and grilled chicken. Canyon Ranch has a very healthy philosophy that emphasizes savoring delicious meals. Deprivation is out and dessert is in. Most of our meals ended with home-made ice cream and cookies.

For those traveling in the next few months, Canyon Ranch does an excellent job of making everyone feel safe. Hotel rooms are immaculate and sealed before arrival. Exercise rooms and the spa’s treatment rooms are sterilized after each use. Mask wearing was required, and this was one of the few properties that I visited where everyone complied. Guests must have their temperature checked at the start of the day to receive a wrist band that provides access to all activities. Although the regulations may change, Massachusetts currently requires that out of state visitors have a negative Covid test 72 hours before arrival.

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