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COVID-19 US Travel Restrictions: Updated State-by-State Guide for May 2021

Thanks to the public perception that COVID-19 is on its way out, due to accelerating vaccination rates and declining new case counts, Americans largely are ready to start making their long-deferred travel plans. With the arrival of warmer weather and summer already on its way, we’ll likely start seeing people hitting the road in droves for vacations, reunions and all kinds of other events.

While it may feel as if the battle is already won, the pandemic isn’t actually over yet. And, as we’ve witnessed, when people move about the country, case counts go up. And, with three dangerous COVID-19 variants verified to be spreading in the U.S., we can’t let our collective guard down just yet.

So, while many states have already relaxed or dropped their domestic travel restrictions, the more cautious ones still have COVID-19 regulations or requirements for out-of-state travelers.

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